Oracle database projects for students

Apr 13, 2016 · As a part of the project, we have been assigned to develop and implement ‘TRAVEL AGENCY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM’ for “North Bengal Travel”. Project: TRAVEL AGENCY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (Assigned to ...

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Use our online project submission tool to send us your project for consideration in the National Student Project Database. Submitted projects must have already concluded. Projects that are still in going on and ones that have not yet taken place will not be published. Search the Database Submit a Project. In This Section. Submit a Project

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Hello, Here we developed Hostel Management system using Oracle database. Front end is visual basic 6.0. But to do this project you must know at least basic knowledge of working with Visual Basic and Oracle.

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Oracle database projects for students

This is the database back End of Student Information System Database. This should be restored using My SQL Server. There are few steps to restore the database. Import A MySQL Database. Here, we import a Student Information System Database. Use this to restore data from a backup or to import from another MySQL server.

SQL & MySQL based DBMS Projects for Final Year Computer Science Students Development of a Student Database Management System for a University in MySQL In this scholarly thesis pertinent to the setting up of a automated student performance record management system which enables the users of a university like student and faculty to access the ...
Oct 18, 2015 · After getting to much requests for a free Oracle Forms and Reports project for students, I am sharing a project with source code (Oracle Forms example application), which I developed in around 2000 in Oracle Forms 4.5, but you can download it and can use in Forms 6i, 10g and 11g. But, students because of insufficient guidance end up taking projects that may not get them jobs.These final year projects for CSE and IT can be implemented by using different tools like C, C++, Java, Oracle,.NET etc.

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Database Project in MS ACcess Carpet House database in ms Access, Library system database Project in Ms Access, Retail Store Database Project in ms Access, Doctor's clinic Database Project in Ms Access School System Database Project in Ms Access Music CD Collection Database Project in MS Access, E-Ticket Database Project in Ms Access Electricity Bill Payment Database Project in Ms Access

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